The Hamilton Freelancers Association (HFA) was founded in November 2013 by freelancing experts, Chad Fullerton (@chad_fullerton) and Brian Hogg (@brianhogg).

Our goal is to connect freelancers in the Hamilton area with each other, while providing valued workshops and attracting expert guest speakers to monthly events. By providing information on starting your own freelancing business, and connecting with others who are doing the same, we hope to spark collaborations and entrepreneurship within Hamilton’s young professionals and the community at large.

The Hamilton Freelancers Association currently has over 450+ registered members on our Meetup group, and continues to grow each month.

#FreelancerMeetup Events

Freelancer Meetups are monthly events run by the Hamilton Freelancers Association. They are free, and open to all professionals, entrepreneurs, and freelancers in the Hamilton area, whether you’re just starting a freelancing consulting business, or you’re running a consulting business full time.

We bring in some of the best and brightest to give talks on ways to help you build and grow your entrepreneurial venture, showcase various web-based tools and services you can use as a freelancer to help you build or grow your business such as productivity apps, email marketing services, invoicing, social media, and accounting tools, and facilitate a fun networking session to connect with other freelancers and meet new friends.

The Hamilton Freelancers Association is free to join and is open to freelancers of all skills and specialties, including designers, developers, marketers, videographers, photographers, writers, and everyone in between.

No one is put on the spot at our events. If you are a shy type of personality, don’t worry. Come out and we will make sure you feel welcome and make connections.

We are proud to be a member group of Hamilton Hive

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"My hat's off to you both for an informative and entertaining talk. Lots of energy and enthusiasm from the group. Looking forward to the next event."
"A new but active and engaged group. Supportive and looking to be a resource for the freelancer community."
Paul Copcutt
"Looking forward to meeting up again!"
"Thanks for all the fine work Brian and Chad are doing with the association."
"Quite good"
Fraser Gorrie